2018 Reading, Writing, and Blogging Goals

I wanna take this post to kind of hammer out my plan for this next year both in the reading and writing capacities. I have a lot of big ideas about 2018 and I’m really excited to leap right into it!

Goal One: Read 100 Books

This is my Goodreads goal for the year. It’s nearly double what I read in 2017 but this has been my goal (that I’ve met) for the three years before that so we’re trying it again.

Goal Two: Write a Book

I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for four (five???) years now and have yet to win, so this year I’ll be writing all the time rather than waiting for November. I have this really great idea that I’m really excited about so my plan is to get that idea onto paper before the end of this year.

Goal Three: Read More Classics

I feel like this has been a goal for me every year and I’ve never completed it, so we’re trying it again. Below are some of the classics I’d like to get to this year.

Goal Four: Participate in Three Readathons

I didn’t participate in any this year, but I used to do nearly one a month. While I don’t think it’s realistic for me to start doing that again, I would like to do at least three next year.

Goal Five: Make a Blogging Schedule and Stick To It

I think my biggest issue with blogging is that I don’t have a plan. I work best under a deadline and without one the blog just kind of fades from my memory. To remedy that I’m working on a year-long calendar where I have literally every single post planned out.

Goal Six: Read More Adult Fantasy

Fantasy is absolutely my comfort zone. You’d be hard pressed to find a fantasy book I didn’t love. Even so, I tend to reach exclusively for YA fantasy and hiding from the adult titles on my shelf (though I am currently reading Game of Thrones so we’re off to a good start). Thus next year they are a top priority. Below are some titles I’d like to get to in 2018.

Goal Seven: Read More Middle Grade

I read a grand total of two middle grade books last year, and I’d like to at least double that in 2018. I almost always find middle grade books charming and enjoyable so I’m hoping to both discover some new ones and revisit some old ones in the new year. Below are some titles I’d like to get to.

Goal Eight: Start My ‘Where To Start Posts’

These posts will be short guides for where to begin with a new author or genre. The first one will be about middle grade titles, as I think it’s a genre many would love but that people hardly reach for.


Goal Nine: Participate in the 2018 Sci-Fi vs Fantasy Bingo Reading Challenge

This is hosted by Curiosity Killed the Bookworm. This is kind of a ‘choose your own challenge’ as you can adjust to goals to your liking by going for a simple line all the way up to a full house. I’m angling for a full house and I’ll be posting a tentative TBR later in January.

Goal Ten: Participate in the A Series a Month Reading Challenge

As well as wanting to complete more series in 2018, I’d like to finally get some ones off my TBR that have been sitting there for what feels like forever. A Series a Month is hosted by Dani over at Dani Reviews Things. The goal is to read at least one ‘new to you’ series a month, with bonus points given for novellas or extra long books. I have some series in mind for this one but I will be posting a TBR in the beginning of January.

Those are all my goals for 2018! They are definitely ambitious, but I have a really good feeling about this upcoming year and I’m super excited to get started!

Talk to Me

What are you guys’ goals for 2018? How did your 2017 goals go? Any other cool challenges I should know about?


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